Most of us don't like it when our boat gets rocked.   Calm still waters replaced by waves toss us to and fro make us uncomfortable.  If you've ever been on a boat when the waves kick up and you continue to look at them, you will most likely get sea sick.  Instead, it's best to focus on the horizon; the solid ground ahead.   

There's nothing like that feeling of stepping onto solid ground after a rough ride.  The feeling of relief.  
The sense of gratitude to have made it through.  The courage and faith to endure the rest of the journey.

One thing is inevitable - our boat will get rocked from time to time.  
We just need to remember:  Look not at the waves.  Instead focus on the horizon.

Now I stand on solid ground, and I will publicly praise the LORD.   Psalm 26;12

Bee Mine



In the spirit of the Winter season.  Here's some scenic snow shots taken in previous years.
No snow photos for this year…yet!

Uncle Buck paying a visit..

Dragon Fly chilling on a deck...

A bird gathering the makings for a nest…
A new year.   Fresh starts.  A new beginning.

Like many, I enjoy looking back at past photographs that I have taken. Looking at the photograph brings me back to that moment in time and the memories that accompanied it.   

I took this photograph about a year ago but it wasn't until recently that I noticed the broken piece at the top of the cement frame.  You see, at the time I took the photograph, I was so focused on the beautiful architecture that I didn't even notice the broken piece.   

This is reminiscent of the past year.  There were some broken parts and some beautiful parts. 
The gift was lessons or blessings that came from the broken parts.  
The beautiful parts - well they were just that - beautiful.

That's my new year's wish for those reading this - to find the beauty.

Tomorrow marks Winter Solstice; the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  
It seems like just yesterday, I was kicking up my heels celebrating the longest day of the year which was June 21st.
Ahhh, the long days of Summer.

Most of us have a favorite season but each season brings forth its own unique beauty.
The stillness after fresh snowfall in Winter, the newness of blossoms in Spring, the warmth of the sun in Summer, 
and the beautiful changing of leaves in the Fall.

Just like the weather, each one of us goes through different seasons in life.  
Some sunny.  Some stormy.  Some are our favorites and others not so much. 
We don't get to choose the seasons in life but we have a choice of how we embrace them.
Seasons over time will define our character. They make us who we are as individuals.

Each season brings forth its own unique beauty.  You just have to find it!





Today's date is 12-13-14. That certainly doesn't happen too often.
So what is the relevance of the berries and the date?   Um, nothing.   
I apparently just like taking pictures of red berries!