Heart-shaped raindrops on car window.  
I remember when I got my first job.  I was living at home with my Mother along with my sister and brother.  
We were the last three  of her children remaining in her nest. And, even though we were adults, she still made dinner for us every evening.  If we were arriving home late, she would keep it warm on the stove for us.

Now and again, I would stop at the florist on my way home from work and pick up a bouquet of flowers for my Mother.
You would've thought I gave her the world handing her that bouquet.  So appreciative for something so simple.
Daisies were her favorites.   They are one of my favorites as well.  

As the years pass, I find myself acquiring the same taste in things as my Mother.  
I find myself coming out with some of the same expressions as my Mother. I refer to these as "momma-isms".
Momma-isms; the gifts that keeps on giving long after Momma is gone.

I named this photo "Tower Shadows".   I wasn't aware of the shadows in the photograph until after I downloaded the photograph from my camera.  Things that make you go "hmmm".

Born and bred in Queens, New Yaulk with a silver cup.  
OK, so it was more like Correll dinnerware - the type of dinnerware that doesn't break.
One of my favorite city shots.  Silver-plated skyline.
Just one month ago, we still had snow on the ground.  
Photos taken on Long Island's North Fork.
This fence caught my eye and "missing pickets" came to mind.
Each and everyone of us has a missing picket or two.  Some have more.
Pickets come in all shapes and sizes.  An imperfection, a concern,  or daily challenges.

And just like the fence, when the pickets are stripped away, gaps form.
The gaps allow us to see what is on the other side of the fence.  
They reveal things we would not have seen otherwise.  A new perspective.

So here's to the missing pickets in our life - they make us who we are!

Named "The Color Purple", I just love how this perfect pair stand center stage with the glistening lily pads in the background.  That concludes "Flower Week".  Hope you enjoyed the photographs.

"Effortless beauty" comes to mind when viewing this photograph.  
I took this photo at a place called "The Cloisters" on a beautiful Spring day in May.
The photograph takes on the look of a painting.  The soft pink tones project a feeling of tranquility.

This photograph was taken on Shelter Island in June 2014.   
Nothing like the smell of fresh cut flowers and fresh-picked herbs!
Summertime is coming!

I like the contrast in this photograph. The softness of the rose and the roughness of the rusty chained link.